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Meet Our Team

Yaniv Picture
PM of Eden Alpha
Yaniv Uliel
Nathanael Picture
CEO of Eden Funds
Nathanael Dreyfuss
Assaf Picture
PM of Eden Discovery
Assaf Nathan

Yaniv is the PM of Eden Alpha and a member of the investment committee of Eden Funds. Yaniv holds an MBA degree from INSEAD (with distinction) and a cum laude B.Sc. from the Technion. He worked in various roles in the high-tech sector in Israel and in Asia. Additionally, he possesses extensive experience in private M&A transactions both in Israel and Singapore.

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Nathanael is leading Eden’s business development, operations management, and stakeholder engagement. Nathanael holds an MBA degree with distinction and a B.Sc. degree both from the Technion. Prior to founding Eden, Nathanael accumulated 15 years of experience in business development, M&A, engineering, and corporate finance.

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Assaf is the PM of Eden Discovery and a member of the investment committee of Eden Funds. In addition, he is leading the research into special situations, including our VIX-based strategy. Assaf holds an MBA from IDC, Herzliya, and holds a cum laude B.Sc. degree from the Technion. In addition, Assaf served in an elite intelligence unit in the IDF.

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