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Eden Alpha is a long biased global hedge fund. We commit to maintaining a patient, long-term investment philosophy.

Eden maintains family business values. We, the managing partners, and our family members have a significant portion of our net worth invested alongside our partners.

We look for value by conducting a thorough and diligent in-depth analysis of businesses and the economics of the industries in which these businesses operate. Our portfolio is concentrated - we invest in a small number of businesses that have significant potential for value creation and limited downside risk. We concentrate our assets in our best ideas.

We employ global oriented exposure - we find the best opportunities anywhere on the globe.

Eden's enjoys the control and supervision of a world-class trustee/administrator- Tzur Capital, which oversee over $9bn in assets.

Our goal: Conduct investment operations that will beat the benchmark while taking a conservative unconventional approach to the partnership’s capital management.

Eden Discovery is a long only hedge fund with a keen eye for small, undervalued companies poised for significant growth. The  fund uniquely combines deep financial analysis with compelling company narratives, focusing on firms at their inflection points yet overlooked by the market. Specializing in small-cap stocks, particularly those valued under one billion dollars, Eden Discovery taps into a segment known for its exceptional return potential.

The fund's strategy extends to exploring untapped markets and lesser-known exchanges worldwide, giving it a distinct edge by diversifying beyond the conventional focus on the United States. With a concentrated portfolio of 10-15 carefully selected companies, Eden Discovery aims for high Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and long-term growth, leveraging the compounding effect to maximize returns


Post the 2022 crisis, the fund identifies a significant opportunity in small companies still at historical pricing lows, presenting a unique investment prospect. Eden Discovery's approach minimizes risk by focusing on companies with solid operational histories and avoiding leveraged positions or turnarounds. This disciplined strategy, combined with a long-term investment horizon, positions Eden Discovery as an attractive option for investors seeking growth through exposure to high-potential, undervalued companies.

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