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Yaniv Uliel

Yaniv holds an MBA degree from INSEAD with distinction and a cum laude B.Sc. degree from the Technion. Yaniv has lived and worked in three different countries and he currently resides in Singapore.

Yaniv is a value investing and industry analysis expert.

Nathi copy.png
Nathanael Dreyfuss

Nathanael holds an MBA degree with distinction and B.Sc. degree both of them from the Technion. Through his 10 years of experience in business development, M&A and corporate finance. Nathanael is in charge for business analysis, business development and risk management.

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Assaf Nathan

Assaf holds an MBA degree from IDC, Herzliya and holds a cum laude B.Sc. degree from the Technion. Assaf served in an elite technology intelligence unit in IDF. Assaf conducts in depth business and industry analysis, he writes a blog that can be found on

and on Twitter: @assaf_nathan

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