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Eden Funds

Eden Alpha

Yaniv Uliel, Eden Alpha’s Portfolio Manager:

"At Eden Alpha, I focus on investing in companies with growth potential that the market has yet to recognize. This potential often stems from new product lines or significant business changes poised to drive a positive shift in performance metrics and KPIs."

Eden Discovery

Assaf Nathan, Eden Discovery's portfolio Manager: "At Eden Discovery, I uncover small companies with unique stories at pivotal business junctures that are mispriced by the market. My goal is to invest in companies close to this turning point and benefit from the market's discovery process over time. We are operating off the beaten track."

Yaniv Picture

Yaniv Uliel

PM of Eden Alpha

Nathanael Picture

Nathanael Dreyfuss

CEO of Eden Funds GP

Assaf Picture

Assaf Nathan

PM of Eden Discovery

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